Why Use a Handmade Greeting Card Service?

handwritten greeting card service

You know how special you feel when you receive that handmade greeting card from your grandmother, friends, or an old business contact in another state. You also know how special you make someone feel when you send your own handmade greeting cards. Now it's time to take things to the next level. 

If you enjoy receiving greeting cards in your personal life, why not send out personalized greeting cards to your customers or clients? As a business owner, it's essential that you strive to find new ways to interact with your clients and build relationships with them. You want to remind your clients that you care about them, and that they’re not just another paying customer.

A handmade greeting card service comes with many benefits for your business. Here's why.

A handmade greeting card service comes with many benefits for your business. Here's why.



What is a handmade greeting card service?

Why handwritten cards?

Types of handwritten cards

Who can use a handmade greeting card service?

How to add a personal touch?

How to create a handwritten card?

Do your clients receive a handmade greeting card?

What Is a Handmade Greeting Card Service?

We know that you have a lot on your plate to worry about. Sometimes, finding the time to sit down and fill out greeting cards for every client is close to impossible. A handmade greeting card service will do all of the hard work for you. 

All you need to do is spend a few moments online choosing a handmade card stock or creating your own. Once you've completed this step, you can write your own message and give a list of contacts to your handwriting service of choice. You'll be able to personalize each card as you please. 

Production of these cards and shipment is done with the company. You won't have to worry about mailing anything out or spending time addressing each individual card.

handwritten greeting cards

Why Handwritten Cards?

Sending out handmade greeting cards to clients creates a personal connection between them and your business. To optimize the experience, you can include your signature or the signature of the company’s CEO if this isn't you. Clients enjoy doing business with another human being rather than a company with no face to it. 

When your customers see that you took the time to create a handmade card with a personal message, it'll build a personal connection with them. This type of connection is what's going to keep your clients coming back for your products or services.

Online marketing is a great technique, but it sometimes needs supplementing. Instead of allowing an ecard to get lost in a client's inbox, send them something special in the mail.  

Sometimes, finding the time to sit down and fill out greeting cards for every client is close to impossible. A handmade greeting card service will do all of the hard work for you

Types Of Handwritten Cards

There are a few different types of handwritten cards that you can choose from. Finding the right type of card to send depends on who you're sending the card to and why. Here's what you need to know.


Thank You Cards

handwritten thank you cards

Thank You! Leaf Design

Clients love businesses that show gratitude for their services. Remember, there are several other companies that your clients could be working with but instead chose you. And unless there's a contract in place, your clients can choose to work with someone else at any moment. 

Even with a contract in place, you still risk losing them when the contract is over. Tell them why you're thankful that they're your client, and remember that there’s more at stake than just a business deal. One of the best parts about doing business is the chance to build long-lasting professional relationships and tapping into new industry niches together.

Greeting Cards

handwritten greeting card service

Sending out personalized greeting cards helps you target specific clients. When sending out these cards, do your best to make them personalized so that not every client is receiving the same message. Each experience that a client has with you and your business is different from the next.

Target your individual clients by focusing on a good memory that that client had with you and your business. This will show your clients that you remember each and every one of them. 

Business Updates

Greeting cards aren't only used to show clients that you appreciate them. They can be used to promote special offers as well. When using a greeting card to promote a special offer, be sure to keep it as personal and handmade as possible. 

This will show your clients that the special offer was made just for them and that the card isn't another mass-produced coupon being sent to every neighbor. Send the greeting card with a personalized message and a signature. Within the message, let your client know that you'd like to inform them about a new service or product that they might be interested in. 

Who Can Use a Handmade Greeting Card Service?

handwritten cards

Both businesses and individuals can find reasons why greeting cards are beneficial to them. Businesses can use these cards to send to business partners and clients while individuals can use these cards to send to friends, family members, and guests of an event. 


The overall purpose of sending out handmade greeting cards is to build lasting relationships with your customers and clients for years to come. When you make your customers feel important, special, and needed, they'll want to continue doing business with you. The goal is to create customer/business loyalty.


You can send someone a card for the simple reason that you wanted to. However, there are other great reasons to send greetings cards. You can use a greeting card service to thank guests for attending an event of yours and show your gratitude. 

You can also use them to remind guests of an event that you’re hosting, such as a party or reunion.


How to Add a Personal Touch

For business owners, it's important to know that more often than not, customers are left feeling like another number to businesses. This is what you want to do differently when it comes to your company. As an individual, you want to show your gratitude, affection, or care through your personalized card. 

Address to the Individual 

Send your clients or customers a greeting card that explains how important their business is to your success. 

To make them feel even more important, consider including a survey for them to fill out with the necessary postage to send back to you. You can even leave a spot for them to write in their own questions or comments. Ask them what they believe you could do to make your business better.

When clients are given a voice and heard, they'll feel like an essential asset to your business. 

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Create a Universal Message

Think about the overall message that you want your clients to know when they receive your card in the mail. Is this a universal message of thanks for their business? Are you promoting a new product or service? 

You can have a universal message for each client while still keeping it personal. 

But in Your Unique Brand Voice

Remember to always stay true to your unique brand voice. This is what's going to set you apart from your competition. It's also what's going to help your clients remember you and your brand for the next time they need your products or services. 

Think about what makes your brand your brand. What's your business's universal message that you want to convey every day? Stay true to this message and your brand's voice. 

How to Create a Handwritten Card

send greeting cards direct mail

Now that you know why sending out handwritten cards are so important for your business or for you as an individual, it's time to learn how to create them! There are a few steps involved with this process, so we've broken them down for you here. If you work with Simply Noted, you can use this simple process.

Choose Stock

Your first step is to choose a stock card that works best for you. Browse through our different collections such as birthday cards, holiday cards, just because cards, and thank you cards. You can find one that you believe works best with your brand or your reason for sending one and then go to the next step.

Can't find something that works for you? Don't worry! You can also opt to create your own card!

Write the Message

The next step is writing your message. Write something that gets your message across while remaining personal to the individual you're sending it to. For businesses, keep in mind that you can send out greeting cards for multiple purposes, but no matter what your reason is for sending them out, they'll act as a reminder.

When they see your greeting cards in the mail, they'll be reminded instantly that they need to schedule another appointment or make another purchase.

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Send us Your Contacts

Now it's time to personalize! Personalize your card depending on the individual that it's directed towards. If you're sending the card to your clients, be sure to include your business's logo and other brand features. 

If you're sending it to a family member or friend, make personalized touches geared towards them. Once you make your personalized changes, you then send us your contacts. 

Let Us Do the Rest

Now it's time to relax. As a busy business owner or manager, we know that you don't always have the time to send out cards. Even as an individual, life gets busy sometimes. 

That's where the professionalism of a greeting card service comes into play. We handle the production and shipment of every order so you can turn your attention towards other important tasks. For individuals, this comes in handy when needing to send out a large number of thank-you cards or invitations for an event. 

Do Your Clients Receive a Handmade Greeting Card? 

handwritten thank you cards

Does your business send out handmade greeting cards to clients? If not, you should begin doing so as soon as possible! If competitors are already sending out personalized cards with handmade features and messages, then they're a step ahead of you.

Beat the competition today and begin to build loyalty between you and your clients by getting started with Simply Noted!


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