Thank You Notes for Volunteers | Cards and Templates

Thank You Notes for Volunteers | Cards and Templates


In our last blog post, we looked at ten volunteer appreciation ideas you can use to show your volunteer staff just what they mean to you. The first was a handwritten thank you note. For our money, that is the single best way to say thanks. Handwritten cards are as warm and personal as an in-person show of gratitude, with the added benefit that they can be sent anywhere in the world. 

 They’re great on their own, or as a complement to a gift. No matter how they’re sent, they demonstrate how much you value you the recipient simply because they take time, attention, and care to create. People recognize the effort, and it warms their hearts. 

 Now we’ll let you in on a little secret. With Simply Noted you no longer have to put in the work yourself. Your volunteers don’t need to know that, however. Instead of tasking your staff to handwrite hundreds or thousands of thank you notes for volunteers each year, leverage the power of our advanced handwriting machines. 

They’re powered by proprietary smart fonts that recreate the subtle variations found in real handwriting. Place that muscle behind a real ballpoint pen, and you get the finest, most convincing automated pen-written card services available. You’ll get the warmth and honesty of expression that only handwritten thank you notes can deliver without ever lifting a pen. 

 Of course, writing your card is only part of the effort. You might also need help choosing the right sentiments. This blog post should help. We’ve included several volunteer thank you note templates that you can use to formulate your own messages. Let’s get started!

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A lovely green and white thank you card with illustrated leaves.


More than anything, remember that your thank you notes should be personalized, situationally specific, timely, and fully connected to your mission. These templates will get you started.

General Volunteer Thank You Note

General volunteer thank you notes are applicable in any situation because they’re about giving thanks for everything the recipient has done. Because it doesn’t mention specifics, be sure to tie the letter back to your organization’s overarching goals

 Dear [volunteer’s name], 

 From the bottom of our hearts, we wanted to thank you for everything you do for our organization. Your continued efforts over the years demonstrate your commitment to our cause, and we couldn’t be more pleased to have you on the team.  

 It’s passionate, dedicated volunteers that make what we do possible. We simply wouldn’t have the manpower, knowledge, or drive to make it over the finish line without the continued support of people like you. Because of your help, we’re moving ever closer to successfully [your organization’s goal]. Thanks for everything you do and for being you! 

 Your friends at [organization’s name], 

 [Your name]

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Fundraiser Thank You Note

This style of thank you note is perfect for honoring your volunteer’s contributions to your fundraising efforts. Specificity is critical here. Thank each volunteer for their specific contributions to named fundraising events whenever you can. 

 Dear [volunteer’s name], 

 We wanted to inform you that our recent [fundraising event name] was a smashing success, and we have dedicated volunteers like you to thank for it! We raised over [dollar amount raised] in just two weeks because of everyone’s hard work.  

 Your faithful efforts on the phones helping guide donors through the process were crucial to our success. We’ve already talked to a number of supporters that called you out by name and told us your kindness and patience are what convinced them to give. We’d like to offer you our deepest gratitude for all your work! 

 Thanks again! 

 [Your name]

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A thank you card with a whimsical plaid pattern.

Remote Volunteer Thank You Note

Particularly in the Covid age, nonprofits are finding themselves using remote volunteers more than ever before. You might never meet these people in person, but that doesn’t diminish their contributions. Here’s how to thank them. 

 Dear [volunteer’s name], 

 Since we don’t get the chance to see you in person we miss many of the small moments of gratitude we’d normally express in daily interactions. That’s why it’s critical that we thank you here. You’ve been immensely dedicated to our cause, and even without supervision, you’ve managed to accomplish amazing things. 

 Thanks so much for keeping tabs on your metrics and working with our clients even when one of us can’t be available to help. Remote volunteers have to work harder than others simply because they don’t have the same resources available to them. We appreciate your efforts more than you could know. 

 With undying gratitude, 

 [Your name]

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Thank You Note for School Volunteers

Public schools are always in need of parent and student volunteers. They simply don’t have the staff or the funding to get everything done they need to.  

 Dear [volunteer’s name], 

 Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! As you know, our school depends on parents and students to step up and show how important education is to them and their community, and your volunteer efforts are no different. The work you did on the yearbook this year was fantastic, and your constant cheerleading for our after-school programs has been critical in our fundraising efforts. Volunteers like you are part of the reason we’re able to offer the stellar education we’re known for. It’s all about you! 

 Thanks for everything! 

 [Your name]

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A deep blue professional thank you card that reads "Thank you, You're the best."

Client Care Thank You Note

Some volunteers support donors, other volunteers, and general administrative functions, while others interface directly with the people or organizations your mission targets. These volunteers are on the front lines doing the work you’re known for. They deserve all the thanks they can get.

Dear [volunteer’s name], 

 We’ve dedicated our lives to helping [helped population] and you’re a critical part of that mission. Your work with [specific functions] help us deliver crucial services to those we serve. We appreciate not just the work you do, but also the attitude and passion that you bring with you every day. You understand that our work isn’t about us, and it isn’t about the individual. It’s about individual efforts that add up to huge gains for our cause. Thank you so much for your single-minded devotion to the populations we serve. Everyone is better off because of the work you do. 

 Forever in your debt, 

 [Your name]