What’s New in 2022 for Simply Noted

What’s New in 2022 for Simply Noted

Big things are happening here at Simply Noted, the world’s most advanced automated handwriting company! We’re revolutionizing our technology and the way we do business, taking a quantum leap forward for our industry. Soon, all of our competitors will fall behind the curve, still using what will soon be antiquated software and equipment. 

 It’s always been the case that if you wanted the best service, support, and final product, you had to choose Simply Noted, and that’s now more true than ever. In 2022, we’ll be defining our industry's state of the art, becoming the service to beat in the coming years. 

 Let’s take a closer look at the exciting developments that are just on the horizon.

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We started Simply Noted four years ago with the most advanced pen plotter machines on the market. They were good but needed improvement. We realized early on problems with speed, writing quality, scalability, serviceability, and order production throughput were all going to limit their usefulness in the future. So we began developing our own technology. 

 In 2022 our new handwriting robots will finally come into service! This proprietary technology renders every other pen plotter and autopen machine a distant speck in the rearview mirror. Our new machines will deliver unheard-of speeds and will reset the bar for quality. Simply Noted will become the benchmark against which all other handwriting services are judged.

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And image of handwriting


Along with our new, custom handwriting robots, we’re revolutionizing the handwriting engine that drives them. We’ve been working on it for a few years now, as the process proved significantly more complex than we initially imagined. But the results are well worth the wait. 

 This new engine supports an innovative font technology we call “infinity fonts” — named for the unlimited range of font characters and variations they can contain. This custom-built software works with automation packages like Ansible, a leading open-source software provisioning, configurations managing, and application deployment tool. 

 Handling thousands of orders per day with hundreds of handwriting machines and nearly limitless “infinity fonts” is a massive automation undertaking. Our software infrastructure ensures that we can offer best-in-class handwriting services with the fastest, most efficient, highest quality results in the market.


We’ve listened to your comments, and we’re using what we’ve learned to improve your user experience. We’ll be rolling out significant improvements to our website’s navigation logic and site speeds, including enhancements to our ordering and checkout processes. The best is getting better, and we have you to thank for it.


We started offering automated campaign features with our successful birthday automation tool. We’re now expanding this functionality to include anniversary automation and a new build-you-own-campaign tool.  

 You’ll be able to purchase pre-packaged campaigns that contain a number of templates for different occasions along with vetted, pre-written messages inside. If you need something different, you’ll have the option to build custom campaigns based on holidays and time delays.

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Our days of relying on external vendors for stationery printing are finally over! This isn’t to say we aren’t in debt to our local print shops for our previous arrangement, but we’ve outgrown that business model. 

 We had to order our stationery in bulk to realize economies of scale in the past. If a customer needed 50,000 cards over the course of the year, we’d have them printed all at once and keep them on hand to use as needed. This was financially but not space-efficient. It worked fine while we were small, but as we’ve expanded, managing this rapidly growing inventory became a full-time job, and the boxes were crowding out the rest of our operation! 

 We’ve brought stationery printing in-house with a capable, full-bleed, vertically-oriented printing press to remedy this problem. Now we can print your card designs and then handwrite their interiors without ever leaving our production line. We can print card fronts faster and in smaller quantities without sacrificing quality. 

 This solves rush order issues as well. We can execute quick turnaround orders with ease now that we control the entire process. We can print even custom orders on demand, removing the three to five-day bottleneck that throttled certain orders in the past. Full bleed cards on demand, in custom sizes as needed; you get the quality you expect and the turnaround times you love!


We already make it easy to include a gift with our handwritten cards, and that service is getting better! Soon you’ll be able to add Target, GrubHub, and Happy Dining gift cards into each card we mail, expanding our already generous offerings. You buy them along with your card order, and we drop them in each envelope. 

 Looking to give something a bit more personal? We’re adding gift fulfillment services, too! The details are still in the works, but it will provide you with access to a host of new gift options, fulfilled with the same ease as our handwritten cards. We’ll provide more information about this exciting development in the coming weeks.


Our new in-house printing press gives our customers even more creative control. We’ll be upgrading our Create-a-Card tool with new design capabilities, including full-bleed printed card designs. The finest custom handwritten cards just got even more customizable.

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A beautiful new watercolor flower-patterned birthday card design from Simply Noted.


In the past, a few of our competitors bested our card selection. That changes with our recent Hartfelt Cards partnership. We now have access to the most extensive library of card front designs within the online handwritten card community. That means you’ll always find the perfect design for you. And there’s always our custom card tool!


Our innovative new infinity fonts will radically revise what’s possible with automated handwriting. We’re no longer dependent on inferior third-party solutions with their full adoption. Paired with our new handwriting engine, this technology will place us light years ahead of the competition. Stuck with older pen plotters and autopen machines, our competitors simply cannot compete in terms of speed, efficiency, and quality.

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Soon we’ll be expanding our services beyond handwritten notes! Our customers have long enjoyed the benefits of our existing services, creating stronger relationships with their clients, colleagues, friends and family. Soon you’ll also have access to handwritten letters, envelopes, and integrated 3PL support and services — the gift fulfillment services we mentioned earlier are just a taste of that last category! 

 These ten developments will shake up the automated handwritten card industry, and you’ll be the beneficiary! In 2022, Simply Noted will become the definitive online handwritten service, offering the most advanced handwritten products on the planet. 

 Look for future blog posts that will go into more detail as each of these radical service enhancements come online throughout the year. Welcome to the new Simply Noted!