10 Get Well Soon Cards and Message Templates

10 Get Well Soon Cards and Message Templates

Get Well Soon Cards and Message Templates

When someone you care about is feeling under the weather, the last thing you want to do is to leave them feeling alone. Serious illness can be extremely damaging to our self-image. A get well soon card is a great way to show your support and let them know that you're thinking of them. But sometimes it's hard to come up with the right words to say

 That's where this list comes in handy. We've put together ten different letter templates that you can use as a starting point for your own message. Just customize them to fit the person you're writing to, and you'll be set! 

 Wishing someone a speedy recovery is one of the most thoughtful things you can do, so don't hesitate - send one today!

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The Benefits of Sending Get Well Soon Cards

Mailing your friends and loved ones a get well soon card isn't just a social nicety. There are real benefits to be had for both the recipient and the sender. 

 The recovery process is at least partially affected by the patient's mental wellbeing. If they're overly stressed, depressed, or feeling hopeless, their will to recover is reduced. This heightened state of negative arousal can add additional health problems and impact our body's ability to heal. 

 Get well soon cards remind the recipient that people care about them and that there are good reasons to get better. These simple but powerful communications can buoy a patient's spirits, improve their mood, and give them a reason to fight through their recovery. In the end, people that know they're surrounded by people that love them have better outcomes than those that feel isolated or alone.

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Sending Get Well Soon Cards is Good for Your Amazing Self, Too!

Of course, when you send someone a get well card, you're benefiting yourself in the process. Sending get well soon cards is not just an act of kindness - it's an opportunity to connect with family and friends in a positive way. By opening with "I was thinking of you and hope you're feeling better soon," it shows that you care and gives people a chance to talk about what's going on in their lives. 

 Sending get well cards has a second benefit — they help to focus less on ourselves and more on other people. Considerable evidence points to the idea that loneliness often accompanies excessive self-focus. By sending warm, healing messages to others we get out of our own heads and open ourselves to a wider perspective. 

 Finally, generosity is associated with a number of benefits for both the giver and the recipient. To illustrate, consider the work of Dr. Kevin Ochsner at Columbia University. He found that generosity activated certain parts of the brain associated with mental pain. This suggests that giving to other people is a strong antidote for personal unhappiness and helps to reduce our own physical and emotional suffering.

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A get well soon card with balloons and a village.

The 10 Best Get Well Soon Card Well Wishes

Before we move on, it's worth remembering that cards for a terminal illness shouldn't reference "getting well soon." Using verbiage like that in this context could be hurtful. Also, don't confuse a get well soon card with a sympathy card. These apply to very different situations. It's important to know when a get well soon card is appropriate.

Here is a list of ten get well soon card messages that you can use as inspiration, or as a starting point for your own words. You'll find templates below so you'll have all the information you need to send off a quick recovery wish. 

Keep Your Get Well Messages Simple

 Dear Tony, I heard from your sister that you were in the hospital. I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well. Please know that everyone you know is pulling for you. Just focus on healing thoughts and keeping your spirits up. Our bodies have remarkable healing powers, and they'll get you back to yourself if you rest and let the process work. 

 I know it's tough right now but soon you'll feel better. I know it. Sending healthy vibes your way. Get well soon! 

 Love to you and your family! 


 This is a message that anyone can use. It's short, to the point, and lets your loved one know you're thinking of them. It's well wishes with a heart. The best part about this kind of message is that it doesn't require much thought. You can add your personalized details in just a minute and be on your way. 

Let Them Know They Have What it Takes to Make a Full Recovery

 Dear Linda, 

 Thinking of you and hoping you're feeling better soon! I know things are scary right now, but sometimes things have to get worse temporarily in order to get better. You're a brave and strong woman so take care of your amazing self. I know you'll pull through this no matter what! Stay positive and get well soon. 

 Big love headed your way! 


 This message works by expressing your confidence in the recipient's ability to come through the health crisis. It also is short enough not to sound impersonal or hurried. You can send it to anyone that tells you they are sick and need a few kind words as they begin treatment.  

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Give a Daily Dose of Positivity

 Dear Mike, 

 I heard about your broken leg and I'm sending my best thoughts for a smooth recovery. Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in thinking to help us heal faster! So don't hesitate to ask the universe for help if you need an extra boost. 

 Remember how much love there is around you, and just let yourself feel this love. It will help heal your body faster! You can do it, especially if you let your loved ones help. Feel better soon! 



 This message is very similar to the one above but it adds an extra touch of positivity. Since Mike has already had surgery, he might need a little more reassurance that things will work out. After all, something like this is life-changing and hard to let go of. As such, you want to be extra positive when sending him a get well soon card message. 

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A get well soon card featuring a dog with a neck cone.

Make Sure They Focus on Getting Better

Dear Janice, 

 Don't worry about having to stay in bed for the next few weeks! You deserve to take it easy and let your body heal. Your friends and family want you to focus on yourself, so you need all the energy you have. 

 Please, don't push it or try to fight this feeling of exhaustion. Everything will be better soon but only if you rest! Let your body do what it does best...heal! 

 Wishing you a speedy recovery, 


People will respond to this message because it acknowledges the severity of the situation while also emphasizing that taking care of one's own needs will speed up recovery. You should note that this is a common theme in all these messages: resting and letting your body heal at its own pace is the best way to get better fast. 

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Help Them to Stay Positive

 Dear Joe, 

 I was saddened to learn you were under the weather. Your mom told me you were worried about being in the hospital for so long. You don't need to be concerned with that right now! Just focus on getting better and we'll take care of everything else. 

 Our thoughts are what flow through our minds most powerfully, so it's important to stay positive and think about your recovery! 

 We love you so much and hope you come home soon. Get well soon! 

 Warmest wishes, 

 The Johnsons 

 This get well soon card tells the recipient that their thoughts will shape their reality and gives them a mantra of positivity to work with. If your loved one is in the hospital and needs some comfort, this message works well because it keeps their mind occupied on positive thoughts. 

Keep Their Spirits Raised

Dear Pat, 

 I heard you've been having a tough time lately. Don't worry, everything's going to get better soon! 

 It's important to stay positive right now. When we give up hope, we attract negativity into our lives and make things harder on ourselves. So stay strong! I know you can get through this.  You know we're sending you all the healing vibes we can. Just stay positive.

 You're an inspiration to me and I hope you know that. You've got so much energy to keep going! Everything else will fall into place soon if you just keep pushing towards it. Get well soon, Pat! 

 God bless you!


It's an effective message because of the personalization involved in it. The writer talks about how the recipient is an inspiration and that they can get through this health crisis if they just keep pushing towards it. Emphasizing their strength and positivity helps.  They say that laughter is the best medicine, so keep your loved ones smiling!

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A card that says, "Be good to yourself. Get well soon."

Remind Them that They Have Help All Around Them

Dear John, 

I heard you feel sick and aren't doing well. I'm so sorry. Just remember that even though things seem bleak right now, there are always better days ahead! Remember that you've got the strength inside of you to get through this tough time. Just do what you need to do for your own health and take it one day at a time. 

 Everyone wants you to get better soon, so just focus on doing what's right for your body. The other stuff will fall into place as you recover. 

 Wishing you good health and a fast recovery, 


 This message works well because it reminds the recipient that they have support and positivity all around them. It also emphasizes the importance of taking things one day at a time and not trying to rush the process.  The warm closing does a nice job bringing the sentiment home.

Help to Strengthen Their Healing Resolve

 Dear Amanda, 

 Remember that everything happens for a reason. Try your best to relax and stay positive through this tough time! You have so much support from everyone around you, so it can't be as bad as you think. Just focus on getting better soon and all the other stuff will fall into place. 

 No matter what happens, you've got the strength inside of you to persevere. So keep being sweet and compassionate because that's what makes us all feel better! Take care of yourself right now because no one can do it but you. 

 All our love, 


 This message focuses on the recipient's strength and having their loved ones by their side. It also reminds them that everything happens for a reason; sometimes bad things happen but you can learn from them and grow as an individual. When someone is feeling alone or like they're struggling to get through this health crisis, this is a good message to keep in mind. 

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Help Them Deal with Multiple Tragedies

 Dear Ben, 

 You're sick and you lost your job? That's terrible news! But I know you'll recover quickly! Instead of worrying about employers and money, focus on getting better soon. You have our support and I hope you know that. You can solve the other problems when you get back on your feet. 

 Hang in there, buddy! Just remember to stay positive and relaxed through this tough time. Everything else will fall into place when you get better. 

 With love, 

 The Millers 

 This message is really good for when someone has lost their job during a health crisis; it's got some inspirational quotes in it to keep the person positive. It also focuses on their support system which helps them know that they're not alone through this difficult time.  

Remind Your Recipient That They're an Inspiration

 Dear Sarah, 

 You're an inspiration for everyone around you. If you can do all of these things with your health problems, you can do anything. I know it's tough to be in the hospital right now, so just focus on getting better soon! 

 No matter what happens, you are loved by many people. You have all this love surrounding you and that will definitely help you get through this challenging time. Just remember to stay positive and relaxed because that's the only way you'll recover soon. We're all thinking of you and can't wait to see your beautiful smile again! 


 Your sister 

 This is a great message because it focuses on the recipient being an inspiration to everyone around them. When people are feeling like they're struggling with this health crisis, it's good for them to hear positive messages. You could also add an inspirational quote to help drive home the card's message. 

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A woman, smiling because she's feeling better.

Wish a Speedy Recovery with Simply Noted

Feel free to add your own details to these templates. The important part is that it gets across just how much you care about your loved one. If they're sick, then you can just imagine how terrible they feel and that's reason enough to send a get well soon card. 

 Whatever you choose to write, make sure your card is handwritten. An email or text message doesn't have the same impact as a hand-lettered note. Don't have the time to fill out a card yourself? Let Simply Noted handle the load. Simply pick out a card design, type in your desired message and your recipient's address, and our industry-leading handwriting machines will create a perfectly convincing handwritten card and mail it to your chosen recipient. With Simply Noted it takes no time at all to do right by your friends and loved ones. 

 There are plenty of reasons to send someone get well soon cards. So, if someone close to you is sick, don't hesitate to get a card in the mail!

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