Using Handwritten Direct Mail Marketing To Drive Your Mortgage Business

Using Handwritten Direct Mail Marketing To Drive Your Mortgage Business


The mortgage business consists of a wide range of service providers. On one end of the spectrum, you have the big banks that provide loans on a national level. Online mortgage providers frequently focus nationally as well and dispense with much of the overhead that large institutions are saddled with. 

 Local lenders, credit unions, and independent brokers tend to operate regionally, which focuses their audience and allows for greater personalization in their branding and marketing efforts. No matter where your mortgage business falls on this spectrum, you can benefit from including direct mail marketing in your overall marketing strategy. It’s a powerful, time-tested tactic that scales well as your business and audience grow. 

 Notice, however, that the title of this article is more specific than we’ve discussed so far. In this article, we’ll be talking about handwritten direct mail marketing. This type of direct mail uses the visceral appeal of handwritten cards to dramatically increase open rates and deepen the emotional impact of your marketing messages. If the effectiveness of your existing direct mail marketing efforts has plateaued, adding a handwritten element is an excellent way to break through, driving higher response rates and better conversions. 

 However, before we can discuss how this occurs in practice, we need to understand what handwritten tactics are and why they’re so effective.

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Contrary to popular belief, the rise of digital marketing hasn’t destroyed direct mail marketing. On the contrary — it’s made this old analog marketing tactic more effective. How can that be? 

 We’re now assaulted with marketing messages everywhere — online and in our email box. Most people get hundreds of emails a day. Most are ignored. We get much less “snail mail” than we did in the past, which means the mail we do get is now more appealing. And if the envelope is handwritten, it will get opened immediately. Handwritten direct mail marketing takes advantage of this. 

 Direct mail marketing is the practice of sending mailers through the post instead of online. These have a tangible quality that digital tactics can’t match. Standard printed mailers offer very good open rates compared to email campaigns. But even they can’t compare to the handwritten variety, which affords mailers an unheard of 99% open rate.

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A card shaped like a house.


Handwritten mailers stand out from the rest of your mailbox contents because handwritten cards are scarce in the modern world. And, whether people realize it or not, they miss this most personal of communication mediums.  

 That’s why they get opened in nearly every instance. Even if the recipient suspects the card is a piece of marketing, they’ll open it simply because their curiosity gets the better of them. This is a significant advantage. Getting people to open your marketing messages is the first challenge you face, and handwritten cards surmount it with almost perfect precision.

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The following tactics work well for mortgage brokers because relationship building is so important. Add these to your existing marketing efforts.

Thank you cards featuring house illustrations.

Follow Up on Leads With a Personalized Thank You Card

The mortgage business is based on trust. Lenders trust that loans will be repaid on time, and in return, customers trust that their accounts will be handled swiftly, honestly, and professionally. The sooner you can establish a base level of trust with your prospects, the better. Leads that view your customer service favorably before they ever meet you will convert at a significantly higher rate. 

 Handwritten direct mail marketing thank you cards are an inexpensive way to set the right tone immediately. And they work with leads acquired digitally just as easily as conventional channels. In fact, using marketing automation software and Simply Noted’s included integrations, you can trigger authentic-looking handwritten welcome cards with personalization, to be mailed automatically whenever you acquire a new lead. 

 Imagine, with no input from you, each of your prospects receiving a lovely, handwritten card thanking them for their interest. Our AI-powered smart fonts perfectly replicate the subtleties of human handwriting to create a compelling illusion. We can ever replicate your handwriting!

Send Genuine Hand-Penned Thanks for Your Clients’ Business

Starting your professional relationships off on the right foot is just one use for handwritten direct mail marketing. You can also use it on the other end to show your appreciation for your clients’ business.  

 Could you send a thank you email? Of course. But that’s the very least you can do. Generic emails do very little to move the needle on your client relationships. By contrast, handwritten cards make a direct connection. They’re the next best thing to an in-person expression of gratitude, and they’re an excellent way to close your mortgage process, leaving a warm glow that ensures future business. 

 Don’t forget to ask for referrals! A heartfelt thank you sent after a successful mortgage process will endear you to your customers, increasing the odds that they’ll forward your name to friends.

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A set of six cards all illustrated with lovely house images.

Direct Mail Marketing is Great for Prospecting, Too

Handwritten marketing pieces are perfect for drumming up leads as well. Purchase a mailing list from a quality provider. Drill down into the data options they provide, looking for people in your region that have recently expressed interest in buying a home. Your mailing list provider can offer assistance with narrowing down demographic information to pull the most promising addresses. 

 Then warmly introduce yourself with a handwritten card. Your prospects will be impressed by the thoughtful nature of the mailer. Its peerless personal quality will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. Make sure to include your website, contact information, and a business card or special offer. 

 With Simply Noted, you can upload a personalized message template and a list of addresses, and we’ll take care of the rest. Our handwriting machines will write your cards and envelopes using real ballpoint pens and mail them off automatically. You get the warmth of an authentic handwritten message with the simplicity of a printed mailer. It’s the best of both worlds!

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