5 Opportunities to Send Business Thank You Cards

Send business referrals thank you cards

5 Opportunities to Send Business Thank You Cards

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Thank you cards aren’t just for wedding gifts!

Thank you cards are appropriate, and welcome, in a number of different situations. And there are a number of instances where sending a thank you card in a business setting is an excellent idea.

Why do people often forget about business thank you cards? Because a written thank you is generally sentimental and personal, two traits that aren’t usually associated with business relationships. For some, fusing sentimentality with more serious associations makes them vaguely uncomfortable, and they’d prefer to leave business associates at arm’s length.

But this is a mistake.

It’s not only appropriate to formally thank a business connection when they do something positive for you. It’s good business. We’re all human. Even in business, we can’t escape our emotions. When someone does something nice for us, it makes them feel good to be recognized. Some may, in fact, be offended if they don’t receive a thank you card.

And because it’s difficult to judge how someone will react, it’s always better to err on the side of caution. No one will ever be saddened by receiving a thank you card, but not receiving one might lower their spirits.

With that in mind, here are five opportunities to send business thank you cards. And remember, business thank you gifts are also a good idea.

Someone Sends You a Business Referral

When someone refers business your way, it’s a fairly big deal. It means that they trust you enough to hang their reputation on yours. They’re vouching for you. If you screw up the opportunity, it can reflect badly on them. 

Also, a business referral that turns into a paying client means money in your pocket. It’s hard to know how good the opportunity might turn out to be at the start, but if it turns into regular business, then the referral is a gift that keeps on giving. Surely someone that brings you something so valuable deserves more than a quick “thanks” in an email. 

In truth, it only makes sense to send a thank you card in this instance. A thank you card will make the referrer feel appreciated. It will show that you recognize that they went out on a limb for you. And the better they feel about the favor they did for you, the more likely it is that they’ll do it again if the opportunity presents itself. 

You Made a Particularly Promising Business Pitch

Sending a business thank you card after a successful meeting with a potential client is a great way to show that you appreciate their time as well as the opportunity they’re providing. It can be the perfect cap to a great meeting. And it reminds them of you after the fact. When they receive your card days after the meeting, it puts your name back at the front of their mind. This could increase your chances of winning the business.

The card also shows your prospect that you understand the power dynamic in your relationship. While a transaction is a quid pro quo — you provide service or product and your customer pays you for it — it isn’t even. Until the project is yours, all of the power rests in your prospect’s hands. They decide whether you get the business, or whether someone else gets it.

A thank you note is a subtle way of reminding them that you appreciate their consideration and that you recognize your subordinate position. This can go a long way toward establishing credibility.

No one will ever be saddened by receiving a thank you card, but not receiving one might lower their spirits.

An Employee Does a Great Job

Company morale is critically important. If your employees feel appreciated, and if they feel like they’re making a useful contribution, they’ll work harder individually, and they’ll work more effectively as a group.

One easy way to promote positive moral is to send out a business thank you card when employees go above and beyond. When they receive a handwritten “attaboy” they’ll feel seen and their work will feel validated. The card establishes them as a valuable member of the team, and they’ll be more likely to play the hero again in the future. 

Not recognizing an employee that has given more than they were expected to can have the opposite effect. If they aren’t thanked properly they might feel unappreciated. They might assume that management takes them for granted. This poisons the well. Not only might the employee get upset, but they may also spread negativity to coworkers. 

A thank you note is an inexpensive way to keep your staff happy, and that’s worth far more than the cost of a stamp. 

A Customer Makes a Large Purchase

If someone buys a pack of gum from your business, a quick, verbal “thank you” is all that’s required. But as the dollar value of the purchase escalates, that gesture needed to show your appreciation grows as well.

When a customer makes a particularly large purchase, a thank you card is the best way to let them know that you appreciate their business and that you’re there for them whenever they need you in the future.

Imagine you’re a real estate agent that sold an expensive property. That’s a hefty commission headed your way. Or maybe a large corporate customer purchased a package of expensive equipment. Whatever the situation, a thank you card recognizes the value your customer brought you.

A business thank you card in this situation helps close the purchase with a smile, and when a customer feels good about their purchase, or about the service you provided, they’re likely to use you again in the future, as well as pass your name to others.

A Vendor Goes Above and Beyond

Yes, you are your vendor’s customer, so technically you don’t owe them anything. But your business depends on them. They’re your supply chain. They keep your machinery running. They are a critical component of your business. So when a vendor goes out of their way to satisfy a particularly challenging request, you should send them a business thank you card.

For one, it’s the right thing to do. Secondly, they’re more likely to help you the next time you’re in a pinch if you let them know that you truly appreciate what they did for you. Paying their invoice isn’t a thank you. That’s your end of the transaction. Send a thank you card. It will pay dividends.

That’s what all of these situations have in common. An inexpensive card with a heartfelt message can win you new business, save a struggling account, or make people want to help you. These are all good business investments.

Automate Your Business Thank You Cards

A handwritten card is the best value of all. Nothing shows you care more than a handwritten thank you note.  At Simply Noted, we understand you are busy with all the other business tasks.  Allow us to help with your business development by automating your customer appreciation with our handwritten business thank you cards.

If you’ll like more information about our automated, handwritten business thank you cards, give us a call at Simply Noted today! 

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