The Best Handwritten Envelope Service

The Best Handwritten Envelope Service

Decades ago, mail often arrived at your box wrapped in a handwritten envelope, the addresses scrawled on by someone writing specifically to you. Today that happens less and less frequently. If you get more than a handful of handwritten envelopes in a year, you’re well above the curve. 

 According to USPS, Americans today send 4.3 billion fewer handwritten letters and cards than they did just 20 years ago. That represents a 61% drop in handwritten mailings, a staggering sum, to be sure. It’s a cultural shift brought on by the advent and proliferation of digital communication technologies. 

 Here’s what’s interesting. Although people send far fewer hand-addressed letters and cards, they appreciate them even more than before. That’s because the rarity of handwritten communications has increased their value. They show up so infrequently in our mailbox that when one does appear, it’s an event. We get excited and open the letter before anything else. 

 That’s why handwritten envelopes garner a mind-blowing 99% open rate. Businesses can take advantage of this dramatic increase in engagement to boost responses and skyrocket their direct mail ROI. 

 But to avail yourself of this exciting marketing and outreach channel, you need a method for getting hundreds or thousands of handwritten addresses onto your envelopes — and doing it yourself is the worst available option. We’ll show you the best way handwritten envelope service that affordably generates handwritten cards and hand-addressed envelopes with minimal effort on your part. Best of all, the results are indistinguishable from the real thing!

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Who Offers the Best Handwritten Envelope Service?

Without reservation, this honor goes to Simply Noted, the handwritten card service that places authenticity and customer satisfaction above all other considerations. 

 Consider that handwriting is a means to connect powerfully with consumers because it’s personal and handcrafted — the effort that goes into it demonstrates the value the business places on their customers.  

 If you outsource your handwritten mail to a lesser company, the results may not be convincing. Many of these vendors use standard handwriting fonts that create unnaturally uniform letter shapes and spacing, outing themselves as counterfeits.  

 When consumers realize a handwritten envelope is bogus — likely some kind of advertising — they’re less likely to open it. Even if they do, their good feelings will sour when they realize they’ve been taken in. The benefit you usually get from using handwritten envelopes disappears once the illusion is shattered. 

 Simply Noted avoids this by outfitting our handwriting machines with real ballpoint pens and AI-powered smart fonts that introduce random variations in letter size, shape, spacing, and more. The lines of the text indent into the paper, the ink will smear as real ink pens do, and the text will look wholly organic. 

 Why spend countless hours handwriting cards and hand-addressing envelopes when Simply Noted can do it faster and better?

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A handwritten card and envelope service like Simply Noted is the best way to send handwritten thank you notes, holiday and birthday cards, invitations, and more. Here are some of the top reasons you should let us take over your personal and business mailings.

You’ll Save Time

Businesses and individuals who send many handwritten notes spend an excessive amount of time filling out the cards and hand-addressing the envelopes. This would be a worthwhile expenditure if there were no other way to get convincing handwritten results, but there is. So give you and your employees their productive hours back. Let a handwritten envelope service do the work for you.

You’ll Save Money

All those hours you and your employees spend handwriting envelopes and cards is time you can’t bill to other tasks. If your billable time is valuable, outsourcing your handwritten cards and envelopes is the more cost-effective option. You pay a little more upfront to save more time and money on the backend.

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You’ll Get Better Results

People are messy — their hands can slip, and their minds can wander, messing up cards, dropping letters, and misspelling names. Our handwriting machines, by contrast, get things right every time. Our cards might look like they were written by a human hand, but they have the benefit of being created by a robot.

Your Envelopes Will Get Opened

You need to see our handwriting results to believe them. If you didn’t know better, you would assume a person filled out the envelopes by hand and penned the cards inside themselves. This means you’ll get all the benefits of handwritten mail without any of its problems — your envelopes will get opened almost every time. With Simply Noted, handwritten cards and envelopes are quick, easy, and enormously effective.

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Consumers love automated handwritten cards, but it’s businesses that have the most to gain. Handwritten direct mail offers higher open rates, response rates, and a better return on investment than most any other direct marketing method

 Try these tips to get the most out of the service.

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Use Personalization Options

Handwritten cards are most effective when they feel unique to their recipient. If the text you include feels generic, as if it’s intended to apply to anyone that might read the card, it loses authenticity.  

 With Simply Noted, you have access to custom fields you can link to columns in a spreadsheet. “FirstName” for instance, would pull the first name of each recipient on your list and swap in the appropriate name each time a card is written. Using this method, you can create an unlimited number of personalizations, limited only by your imagination. The more you personalize, the more believable your card will be. We can also help you end your cards.

Get a Custom Handwriting Font

We offer dozens of high-quality smart fonts that all feel like the real thing, but they aren’t YOUR handwriting. If your readers get mail from you often, they might recognize the penmanship on your automated cards isn’t yours. 

 To remedy this, we can use a handwriting sample to build a customized smart font that replicates your handwriting using the same variable smart technology as our in-house fonts for a handwritten experience that’s pretty close to perfect. 

 Simply Noted is simply the best handwritten envelope service, creating premium handwritten cards, notes, and envelopes that are affordable, believable, and effective.