10 Reasons to Send Your Clients Holiday Cards This Season

10 Reasons to Send Your Clients Holiday Cards This Season

It’s hard to believe, but 2021 is nearly behind us and the holiday season is in full swing. Many businesses are weighing the pros and cons of sending clients holiday cards this season.  

 For some, the costs associated with NOT extending this olive branch of holiday cheer outweigh any detractors. Others require more convincing. This article will attempt to sway those not yet on board with business holiday cards, listing ten reasons you should send your clients holiday cards this season.


How many times have you reached out to a customer you haven’t spoken to in a while, only to discover they need something from you?  

 It’s a common situation because clients have a lot on their plates. They might need to place an order or hire out your services, but the action keeps getting pushed down their list by more pressing matters. Contacting them brings your brand to mind and provides an excuse to get what they need. 

 Sending clients holiday cards creates a similar opening. It brings your brand to mind and could be just the impetus your clients need to pick up the phone and call you.

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When your clients like you, they’re more likely to buy from you repeatedly and will be more forgiving in the event of a mistake. Holiday cards exist to spread good cheer, which can only dispose your clients to you more favorably. Just be certain not to put heavy sales language into your cards, or they’ll feel this like warm holiday wishes and more like a sales tool — no one likes sales tools.


Companies often want to send clients holiday cards but opt not to because handwriting hundreds of cards is a daunting task that requires more labor and time than they can afford to give. With Simply Noted, that’s no longer a barrier. 

 Our fleet of handwriting machines allows customers to automate their holiday cards. All you need to do is upload your desired message along with your recipients’ mailing addresses, and we’ll generate lovely handwritten cards and envelopes, and drop them in the mail. 

 These aren’t printed cards with fake handwriting fonts. These are pen-written cards that use advanced, AI-powered smart fonts to recreate the subtle variations found in real handwriting. Your clients will never know you didn’t handwrite the cards yourself. 

 When you can mail hundreds of handwritten cards with zero effort, why wouldn’t you?

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A generic holiday card is just that — generic. It’s not going to stand out or turn heads, and it’s entirely forgettable. On the other hand, a handwritten holiday card is distinctive. It shows your clients that they’re worth the time investment required to pen your holiday wishes by hand (they don’t need to know that Simply Noted makes it easy.) 

 Sending handwritten holiday cards will set you out in a class above your competitors that send generic cards or nothing at all. And there are plenty of opportunities to personalize your corporate holiday cards.

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Clients that receive holiday cards often display them for a few weeks or months, particularly if they’re nicely designed. This is a boon to your brand because it sits a physical reminder directly in your clients’ line of sight. When they sit down to work, your brand will greet them each morning, and each evening your card will see them out the door.  

 And it’s a holiday card, so it makes them happy. Imagine the ROI you’ll get from these inexpensive marketing pieces — because that’s what they are, subtle marketing pieces dressed up in holiday clothes (just don’t be salesy.)

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If none of your competitors send holiday cards, yours will be a refreshing change. On the flip side, if all of your competitors send holiday cheer and you don’t, you risk being forgotten. From this perspective, there’s nothing but upside from sending cards and a serious risk of adverse consequences if you don’t.


People love to feel appreciated, and your clients are no different. They hire you, purchase products from you, and give you money. It feels nice to be recognized for that. Holiday cards are the perfect opportunity to let them know just how much you appreciate all the business they gave you throughout the year.


You likely have a list of old clients you haven’t worked with for several years. It can be difficult to reconnect with them because the opportunity isn’t always apparent. Holiday cards provide a great excuse to send them a warm, inviting message, welcoming them back into your circle.  Don’t try to sell them. Simply wish each client a happy holiday and let them know that you’re available if they need anything. Often that’s all it takes to reestablish your relationship.

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Holiday cards are generally sent to existing and lapsed clients, but there’s no reason they can’t be used to find new business. Because they’re inexpensive and make a strong emotional connection with their recipients, handwritten holiday cards serve as a strong welcome for new prospects.  

 Consider sending holiday cards to any outstanding prospects that have yet to convert. You can also send them to cold contacts if there’s a reason to believe they’ll be interested in your products or services. If even a tiny percentage of your cold market holiday cards create business opportunities, the mailing can pay for itself and then some.

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This last reason requires specific language to be effective — you have to ask for referrals. 

 This isn’t as much of an imposition as you might think. Unlike sales language, which doesn’t belong in a holiday card, a referral request is more closely related to asking for a favor, and clients like you won’t be offended by that. At worst, they’ll simply ignore the request. But many will pass your name onto relevant contact simply because you asked them to. 

 Referrals can generate significant new business, so turn your holiday cards into referral machines. Automate them with Simply Noted, wish your clients a wonderful holiday, and then ask them to share the holiday cheer by sharing your name around. Your holiday cards will become one of your most crucial year-end marketing campaigns in no time. 

 The best part? Your clients won’t realize you’re marketing to them.