10 Impactful Thanksgiving Gifts That Stand Out

10 Impactful Thanksgiving Gifts That Stand Out

It's almost Thanksgiving, but that doesn't mean you should already be thinking about Christmas presents. On the contrary, Thanksgiving is one of the best times of year for spreading joy to your loved ones with thoughtful gifts. 

 It can be challenging to think of something unique and special for everyone on your list, though! That's why we've compiled this list of 10 impactful Thanksgiving gifts that stand out. These gifts will show your family and friends how much you care while making an impression that lasts long after the turkey is gone!

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Scented Candles

A lovely autumn candle is sometimes the best and most subtle gift. Give a scent that will remind your loved ones of fall, such as the smell of falling leaves, fresh apple pie, or pumpkin. They'll love the cozy ambiance you created when they light it up. If you get them a scented candle with their favorite scent or something that reminds them of home, even better!

Themed Games

Everyone loves playing games, especially during the holidays. They're a great way to bring people together and enjoy some quality time with family or friends! Board games are always fun on Thanksgiving because it requires little movement after everyone is full from stuffing. If you don't have any more room for pie, you can have more pie in themed Monopoly instead!

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A bouquet of fall flowers.

Bouquet of Fall Flowers

Flowers are a classic gift for any holiday, and Thanksgiving is no different. You can never go wrong by giving your hosts a fresh blend of fall-colored flowers- especially if they're in the same color scheme as their home decor or kitchen! Consider using colors such as yellow, brown, red, or orange in your floral bouquet. 

Table Centerpiece

This one should be coordinated with the host beforehand as not to step on anyone's toes! A beautiful centerpiece is a great way to add some decoration and extra color to the Thanksgiving table. This can be anything from a simple vase of flowers or something more elaborate like an ornate candelabra.

Gift Basket

A gift basket is a great gift when you don't know the host very well or have a vague idea of the trinkets they would enjoy. Thanksgiving gift baskets typically come with various snacks, drinks, and gift cards, offering something for everyone to enjoy. It shows creativity, thoughtfulness and is the easiest way to create a Thanksgiving gift for the ones you love. 

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Warm Beverage Assortment

During the cold months, who doesn't want a nice warm beverage? That's why an assortment of different drinks would really wow your host! Some excellent fall beverage ideas to include might be apple cider, hot cocoa, spiced apple tea, pumpkin spice coffee blend.

A lovely dessert platter with a range of options.

Dessert Platter

Maybe your friends would prefer a variety of dessert options. A dessert platter is an easy way to wow the ones you love. You can include small pastries, treats, and cookies so everyone can enjoy a different treat. Some desserts to delight the crowd could consist of apple turnovers, mini apple pies, chocolate-covered strawberries, cinnamon rolls, and blueberry or cinnamon muffins.


Wine is a fun gift because there are so many options available to fit everyone's palate. Plus, a couple of bottles can be stretched out for a few people, and who knows, you may be introducing someone to their new favorite! Whether you give a sparkling rose, a buttery chardonnay, or a full-bodied red, guests will love various options.

Charcuterie Board

The gourmands in your life might appreciate a charcuterie board. These popular items are the perfect gift to enjoy during holiday festivities. It's sure to be a hit with all guests, especially since you can give it as an appetizer option to keep everyone away from the kitchen while the hosts make the finishing touches on the main course.

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A happy thanksgiving card featuring dizzy turkeys.

Handwritten Thank You Note

Thanksgiving is all about gratitude. Taking the time to write down your feelings will show your host and loved ones how much you appreciate them. However, if you don’t have the time to fill out cards yourself, Simply Noted can make it easier.  

 We use robots to handwrite custom handwritten cards for any occasion! All you need to do is visit our website and fill out your information. You can send authentic, warm handwritten thank you notes or happy Thanksgiving cards in any volume. Show gratitude for all of your friends, family members, clients, and customers.

Is It Customary to Bring a Gift On Thanksgiving?

Yes, it is customary to bring a gift on Thanksgiving. However, this does not mean you need to go overboard! It’s customary to bring something like food or decor that fits with the theme. Try buying something thoughtful instead of extravagant, but still, show your appreciation for their time hosting!

Thanksgiving Gift Etiquette

Before choosing one of the gifts listed above, there are a couple of details to keep in mind on Thanksgiving.

  • Always check with the hosts when bringing decorations and food. Ensure that no one else is getting the same thing or that they do not already have it. 
  •  Check for any dietary restrictions! It is great to be thoughtful and creative but make everyone feel included, especially with baked goods. Make sure you don't need any gluten or dairy-free options. 
  •  Keep religious restrictions in mind. Some family members want to enjoy the gathering but remember not everyone is of the same faith. Some foods like pork or beef may be restricted by some. Or even drinks like alcohol-based ciders and wine! 
  •  Remember that it's about being together and enjoying each other as opposed to receiving gifts. It is alright if some people don't bring anything because they will still cherish spending time with those close to them.

Be a Thanksgiving Hero

The best Thanksgiving gifts are ones that can be used and enjoyed by everyone! You do not have to spend a lot on the present, just put some thought into it, so your loved one knows you care about them. The best part of Thanksgiving is spending that time with loved ones.  

 We hope this list helps you bring your hosts and their guests extra joy this holiday season!